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How to set up Windows NT 4.0 for Internet Chicago

Setup Procedure:

1. Install and configure Remote Access Service (RAS)
2. Install and configure TCP/IP protocol
3. Configure Dial-up Networking
4. Establish a Dial-up Networking connection
5. Disconnect the Dial-up Networking connection
6. Installing and Configuring Remote Access Service for Windows NT
7. Under START menu select Settings and then Control Panel
8. Double click on Network icon
9. Select Services Tab 2

10. If Remote Access Service is listed, select Remote Access Service and click Properties. Skip to step 12.
11. If Remote Access Service is not listed, Click Add:

12. When the Select Network Services box comes up, click on Remote Access Services and then select OK.
13. In order to install RAS, Windows NT will need to copy files from your Windows NT CD-ROM, or the location on your hard drive where the setup files are stored. 14. After the files have been copied, the Add RAS Device window will open.
15. If your modem does not appear in the list of installed devices, click Install Modem and then Next to let Windows NT detect your modem. If the modem is not detected, select it from the list you are provided with.
16. Once your modem is installed, select it from the list in the Add RAS Device window.

17. Click OK to close the Add RAS Device Window. The Remote Access Setup window will now open:
18.If you have already installed your modem, then it should show up in the
19. Remote Access Setup window. If not, then select Add and configure your modem and port.
20. Select your modem from the list in the Remote Access Setup window. Click on the Network button

21. Be sure that only the TCP/IP box is checked in the Dial-Out Protocols box.
22. Click OK to close the Network Configuration Window This should return you to the Remote Access Setup window:
23. Select you Modem from the Device list.
24. Click Configure:

25. Select Dial-out only
26. Click OK to close the Port Usage window.
27. Click Continue to close the Remote Access Setup Window.

Installing and configuring TCP/IP protocol for Windows NT

1. Once you get back to the Network window, select the Protocols tab:

2. If TCP/IP is not listed, click Add, select TCP/IP from the list, and click OK
3. Select TCP/IP
4. Click the Properties button
5. Select the DNS tab:

Configuring Dial-Up Networking.

1. Click Start, and select Programs, then Accessories, then Dial-up Networking.
2. If this is the first time you have used Dial-up Networking, you will see the following screen:

Enter Internet Chicago (or any name you desire) into the Name field. Place a check mark in the "I know all about phonebook entries and would rather edit the properties directly" box, and then click Next:

3. If you have used Dial-up Networking before, then select an entry to modify, or click New, and enter Internet Chicago in the Named field.
4. Click on the More Button and select Edit Entry and Modem Properties from the drop-down list.
5. Click on the Basic tab

6. Enter the appropriate phone number in the Phone Number field.
7. Make sure the correct modem is specified in the Dial Using field.
8. Click on the Server tab

9. In the Dial-up server type: box select PPP from the choices.
10. Put a check mark in the Network protocols TCP/IP box
11. Click on TCP/IP Settings
12. The IP address: box should be set to Server assigned IP Address.
13. Name Server addresses: should be set to "Server assigned name server addresses."
14. The two fields at the bottom should already be checked.
15. Click OK to close the PPP TCP/IP Settings window.

Establishing a Dial-Up Connection

1. Click Start, and select Programs, then Accessories, then Dial-up Networking.
2. Select Internet Chicago from the Phonebook entry to dial drop-down list.
3. Click the Dial Button

4. On the screen that comes up, you will need to enter your username and password in the boxes provided. Leave 'Domain' blank.
5. Click OK to begin dialing

6. The above pop-up box will be displayed as the modem starts dialing
7. Once a satisfactory connection has been established, the following dialog box will be displayed. Simply click OK.

Disconnecting a Dial-up Networking Connection
(Hanging up)

1. Next to your clock on the task bar will be a small icon. If you right click on it and select Dial-Up Networking Monitor, the following screen will pop-up:

2. To disconnect, click on the Hang-Up button. You will receive the confirmation box:

3. Click YES to terminate this connection.