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How to Use Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is Microsoft's web browser. It allows you to view web pages, also called HTML documents, from around the world.

The Address Line: The box labeled "address" shows the location of the page you are looking at, also called a Universal Resource Location, or URL. The URL of this page is The name of the computer is, and the file is ie.htm, located in the tutor folder.

The Navigation Bar: The bar above the address line contains buttons for moving around. The back button simply loads the previous page. The forward button advances to the next page if you have already backed up. The stop button causes the browser to stop loading the current page, refresh reloads the current page, and home brings you directly to your homepage.

Favorites: If you find a web site that you would like to return to at a later date, you can add it to the Favorites list for easy access. Click on "Favorites" in the menu bar and then "Add to favorites." Once the site has been added, you can return to the site by clicking on "Favorites" and then the name of the site instead of typing in the address.

Searching: When you click on the icon labeled "Search," another window appears on the side of the screen with a search engine. Type a description of what you are looking for and hit "Search." The search engine will try to find documents that match what you are looking for.


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