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Filtering Spam to a folder in Outlook Express

In the menu bar, click ‘Tools’, move the cursor to ‘Message Rules’, and click ‘Mail’ to display the New Mail Rule window, shown below. (If you have already defined any message rules, the Message Rules window will be displayed at this time. Click ‘New’ to access the New Mail Rule window.)

Section 1 of the Message Rules window is where the conditions for the mail rule are set. Click the box in front of the second option, ‘Where the Subject line contains specific words’. This tells Outlook Express to act on any messages that have had been marked as containing spam.

In Section 2, choose the actions that Outlook Express will take. This is where you can specify a different folder for the messages so they will not fill your Inbox. Be sure to empty this folder regularly to avoid wasting storage space.

The text that appears in section 3 depends on which option you selected in Part 2. No matter what you picked, you must click on any underlined text and enter the specific information for your rule. For example, click on ‘contains specific words’ in section 3 and enter [SPAM], the tag added by SpamAssassin, as shown below.

If you are moving or copying the spam file to a specified folder, click on ‘specified’ in section 3. This opens a new window, shown below, where you can select an existing folder or create a new one for storing the spam messages.

Click ‘OK’ to return to the Message Rules window, and ‘Apply Now…’ to apply the rule to all existing messages that meet the conditions.

Click ‘OK’ to exit the Message Rules window.