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Filtering Spam to a Folder using Outlook

Verify that you are in your Outlook Inbox. In the menu bar, click ‘Tools’, and then click ‘Rules Wizard’ to begin the Rules Wizard, which opens the window shown below.

Click ‘New’ to enter the information for a new message rule. You can now specify the type of rule. Click on ‘Move messages based on content’ to be able to filter email based on the [SPAM] tag added by SpamAssassin, as shown below.

Click ‘Next >’ to set the conditions that will be checked in the message. Uncheck the box in front of ‘with specific words in the subject or body’, and then scroll down and select ‘with specific words in the subject’, since you only want to move the messages with [SPAM] in the subject.

In the Rule description pane, click on ‘specific words’, and then enter [SPAM] in the Search Text window.

Click ‘Add’ and ‘OK’ to return to the Rules Wizard window. Click on ‘specified’ and choose a folder or create a new folder for storing the spam messages.

Click ‘OK’ to return to the Rules Wizard window, where a complete description of the new message rule is shown in the Rule description pane.

Click ‘Next >’ three times to finish creating the message rule. You now can name the message rule, choose to run it on messages that you have already received in your Inbox, and turn the rule on for future messages.

Click ‘Finish’ to complete the new message rule, and ‘OK’ to apply the rule.