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By logging on to the Internet Chicago System I agree to abide by the following rules and regulations of service.

Internet Chicago shall provide the following services to the user;

1. Interconnection to the Internet. 2. A personal access code to access the Internet Chicago Server. 3. Retention of up to 5 mb of information on the Internet Chicago Server. 4. Optional services are available at additional cost.

Internet Chicago shall provide the foregoing services in accordance with the following terms and conditions. Logging on to this system indicated the users' acceptance of the terms and conditions as hereinafter stated. The user(s) agrees to all the Operating Rules of Internet Chicago as set forth in this document or as hereinafter modified.

The user's right to use Internet Chicago is not transferable, unless expressly permitted by Internet Chicago. The user shall keep their personal access code confidential and shall not provide it to any other user. The user is responsible for and will pay for all fees and costs associated with the use of their account(s), whether authorized or not. The use of the services is limited to non-commercial uses and users shall not set up Internet hosts or demos on their computers through their accounts. The use of the Internet Chicago system to send BULK e-mail is strictly prohibited without prior express permission from Internet Chicago, Internet Chicago reserves the right to discontinue the users account if in fact they are sending BULK e-mail without authorization and we will not provide any refund. The user shall provide all equipment and services needed to access the Internet Chicago system.

The user agrees to pay all subscription fees, service fees, or for merchandise purchased according to the payment method and rates selected by the user. Internet Chicago is in no way responsible for telephone charges associated with this service or the distance involved in making a connection to the Internet Chicago system all users must contact their phone company in order to determine the costs involved with using the Internet Chicago system. Internet Chicago reserves the right to cancel all accounts for non-payment. If the user has paid with a credit card the user agrees that permission is granted to charge that credit card for the services provided and also agrees to pay the amount billed according to their charge card agreement. All unpaid subscription dues, and expenses will be billed to the user, including fees for NSF checks, outstanding balances or account reactivation. Payment is due for all services 15 days after billing. Late fees will apply to all payments received after the 15 day billing period. Users are responsible for collection costs and attorney fees for unpaid bills.

The user agrees that they will operate their account(s) in a proper fashion and will NOT participate in SPAMMING, SLAMMING, NEWSGROUP ABUSE, BULK NEWS GROUP POSTING, or any other activity which could lead to decreased service quality to any other user. Internet Chicago reserves the right to determine what is and is not appropriate. ALSO NOTE: Individuals or Companies who by whatever means utilize the Internet Chicago system to "relay" or send bulk e-mail will be fined $500.00 per e-mail sent through the system. This charge also applies on per attempt basis as well. By using or attempting to use the system for such a purpose the user hereby agrees to these terms. Hosting customers also agree to the terms of services specified in the pricing schedule, including charges for additional bandwidth billed at 10 cents per hit over the included 5,000 hits per day.

No refunds shall be given for canceled accounts, or SLIP/PPP installations unless the account or installation was a manufacturers defect and non-working. Cancellation of account(s) shall be effective at the end of the account period. Internet Chicago will forward e-mail to a new address for one month upon request.

Scheduled and Unscheduled shutdowns, for maintenance and software updating, may occur without prior warning. Internet Chicago updates Virus and Security Patch(s) 3 times daily. Internet Chicago will attempt to post a message regarding the time of planned shutdowns a week before they occur. User waives all liability regarding damages from shutdowns or loss of materials that might occur. Users should regularly backup or download important information stored on our service. E-mail is not subject to daily backup and is meant to be downloaded to the users machine. Users acknowledge that unscheduled shut downs of computer and telephone systems can and do occur. Users also acknowledge Operating Systems or Software applications can and do fail or cause data loss. While Internet Chicago strives to provide the best service possible, Users waive all liability regarding damages from such unscheduled shutdowns or loss of materials that may occur. Internet Chicago is not liable for illegal user/employee activities on an account and business or group users agree to waive liability against Internet Chicago as well. The user agrees to indemnify Internet Chicago against liability for any and all use of the user's account(s). User(s) agree not to hold Internet Chicago liable for any damages or inconvenience associated with Internet Chicago's deletion of the account in the event of account termination.

Minors (those under 18 years of age) will not be activated until we receive written approval from a parent or legal guardian. The parent or guardian must also guarantee payment with a credit card. Internet Chicago reserves the right to modify or add service terms upon two weeks notice.

Internet Chicago reserves the right to modify, add, or remove services and features of the system at any time. Notices shall be posted on the system and sent via e- mail to all users.

Account holders are not permitted to share or otherwise let others use their accounts in any way, and shall not be configured to become or otherwise act in any way like a dedicated account. Users agree to disconnect from the Internet when not actively using it for more than 20 minutes at any time. Users agree to set their e-mail programs to hang up and re-dial to update or check for incoming E-mail and not to stay on-line simply to check for mail any amount of time over 20 minutes. Users agree that they will not install or use any program to produce activity simply to remain on-line. Users understand that while downloading it is necessary to send a request to the server every 20 minutes to remain on-line. Users shall not transmit, receive, or store copyrighted materials via the Internet Chicago Service without the express written consent of the copyright holder. Users shall not store any materials of a pornographic nature on the Internet Chicago system. Interpretation of this service agreement is at the sole discretion of Internet Chicago. Infractions of the Service Agreement or Operational Rules by users can result in immediate termination of accounts without reimbursement. Internet Chicago may be able to make exceptions in the case of individual abusive users of business accounts. This decision is left entirely to the discretion of Internet Chicago employees.

Internet Chicago reserves the right to cancel your account at anytime for violations of any of these policies as interpreted by the Internet Chicago Staff.

Last update 10/22/99